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At Social Organics we are agents of change - driven by a single-minded focus to help customers make informed decisions that positively impacts their lives. By ensuring that every product we manufacture and the way we distribute them meets the highest standards, we stay true to our commitment to add value to the lives of each and every stakeholder in the business - from manufacturers to retailers to consumers. We don’t just focus on the needs of the world today. We are forward thinking, bringing with us unmatched expertise and unfettered vision to create a long-lasting transformation in societal behaviour towards transaction and consumption.



At Social Organics, we have unparalleled expertise in manufacturing a wide range of Harm Reduction Products using the latest technology, supported by unmatched research and testing.
And you too can leverage our manufacturing capabilities to expand the reach of your brand name, without the need to invest in expensive manufacturing machines and establishing production processes.


A strong and wide-reaching distribution service is critical to any brand’s success in today’s highly competitive environment. And with our Distribution Services, you can rely on getting your products to the right market, at the right time, helping you reach thousands of retailers across the country with our low cost Factory-to-Retail model.

Our Products


Medwakh | Cigarette Filters

Add-on safety filters are specifically designed to protect smokers against tar and toxins, while also preventing discolouration of lips and odour on fingers.


Smoking Filters | Filter Tips

Disposable filter tips prevent unwanted particles from being sucked through hand-rolled cigarettes, while also reducing intake of tar and toxins.


Social Organics Pvt Ltd is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions
you may have regarding Wholesale Purchases of our products, Contract Manufacturing and Distribution tie-ups.

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