Who we are

At Social Organics we are agents of change - driven by a single-minded focus to help customers make informed decisions that positively impacts their lives. By ensuring that every product we manufacture and the way we distribute them meets the highest standards, we stay true to our commitment to add value to each and every stakeholder in the business - from manufacturers to retailers to consumers. We don’t just focus on the needs of the world today. We are forward thinking, bringing with us unmatched expertise and unfettered vision to create a long-lasting transformation in societal behaviour towards transaction and consumption.

Our Driving Principles

We believe in the freedom of choice for adults. However, we also understand that we have a responsibility to the society at large - ensuring that smokers know the associated risks of smoking. Our driving principles define our attitude towards smoking, and no matter what we do, our actions and decisions strictly adhere to these principles that guide us.

  • 1. Awareness and openness about risks of smoking Everyone needs to be aware about the dangers associated with smoking, and Social Organics strives to spread the word and advice smokers accordingly
  • 2. Active discouragement of the habit of smoking Social Organics does not market its products to minors, nor does it encourage smoking or discourage quitting the habit. Social Organics makes efforts to proactively highlight the ills of smoking, thereby discouraging smoking.
  • 3. Transparency about our products Social Organics ensures that smokers have all the information they need when it comes to the functions, benefits & use of our products so they can make an informed decision.
  • 4. Focus on Harm Reduction Products Many studies have concluded that most smokers who quit, relapse and go back to the habit of smoking while continually damaging their health. We understand that in such scenarios, harm cannot be eliminated completely unless the smoker completely quits the habit of smoking. That’s why Social Organics is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing Harm Reduction Products that reduce the repercussions of smoking.
  • 5. Youth Smoking Prevention Social Organics is committed to supporting endeavours that work towards youth smoking prevention. Social Organics believes that minors should not consume tobacco products and must not be made available to them.