The Benefits :-

  • Reduces tar and toxin intake
  • Prevents particles from being sucked in through the rolled cigarette

Smoking Filters | Filter Tips


Due to rising concerns about additives and chemicals in manufactured cigarettes, many smokers are switching to rolling their own cigarettes. Social Organics provides them with a way to reduce the harm they are causing to their body through our range of Filter Tips.
Each filter tip is manufactured using best-in-class materials and an industry-leading production process to ensure that every filter meets the highest standards and represents utmost quality. The size and length of the filters also provides ease in rolling cigarettes, ensuring the perfect roll every time.

Social Organics also provides manufacturing services, creating Filter Tips that carry your brand name and brand colours on packaging. Additionally, we supply custom sizes of filters for use in herbal cigarettes, as well as beedis (bidis) etc.
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