The Benefits :-

  • Reduces tar and toxin intake
  • Prevents burning or darkening of lips
  • Prevents odour accumulation on lips and fingertips

Specifications :-

  • 7 filters in each pack.
  • Each filter lasts upto 10 cigarettes. The filter should be disposed when the see through section turns muddy brown.
  • Made in India product.

Medwakh | Cigarette Filters


While most smokers are torn between the binary choice of either continuing smoking and exposing themselves to the associated risks or quit the habit altogether, various studies indicate that most people who quit relapse and pick up the habit again within months, if not weeks.
Our range of Medwakh | Cigarette filters provide smokers with a safety net, allowing them to minimize the health risks associated with smoking while they work towards kicking the habit completely. Backed by industry-leading manufacturing technology and processes, each filter is manufactured to perfection, ensuring the same experience each time, every time.

Social Organics also provides contract manufacturing services, creating Medwakh | Cigarette Filters that carry your brand name and brand colours on packaging.
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