Get rolling with

How to roll with holdie

Get your stuff!
Roll it! Almost there!
Place halfway into holdie
Spark with holdie

Store your holdie in the see-through pouch provided to prevent spreading any unwanted odours of smoke.

How to clean your holdie

holdie collects tar after a few uses
Run it under water when it has a lot of tar
Insert tissue and clean it dry
holdie is good to go!

A slight stain may remain after cleaning but your holdie can be reused a few more times. Discard & use a new one for a better experience!

SEE and FEEL the difference

holdie prevents tar from staining or burning your lips and fingers.

It also helps to stop your rolled smoke from collapsing and your filters from shrinking!

holdie On!

Smoking is injurious to health. Keep away from children.